“In life, as in football, you won't go far unless you know where the goalposts are.”

321 Football Academy

321 Football… The Secret to Football coaching and a little of my history in Football

Hi my name is Derek Lilly, i’m English and I have lived in New Zealand since 2007. You can see me on the home page of this site above, where I recently attended the first ever NZ Football National coaches conference in November 2015 (Back row far right). I have won a New Zealand National title coaching the Football South U15’s girls Futsal team. I also won the South Island U10’s Football championship with my good friend and fellow coach Barry Driehuis, I have also been a Director of Southern Utd a New Zealand National League club. I have also recently attended a NZ Football Senior Level 2 coaching course. The techniques I am sharing with you are suitable for Junior, youth and adult level football at an amature level. Professional clubs have their own unique training programs for their players.

The 321 Football philosophy is a concept I have developed over many years of watching, playing and coaching children’s/youth and adult football teams. These are a mixture of my own ideas, some from other coaches and I have put them all into practice over recent years with real success. I give this information freely to all, so with the aid of the INTERNET, you can pass on this knowledge to children, coaches or anyone you think may benefit from these football coaching secrets! So please don’t keep this a secret, pass this link onto your footballing friends http://www.321footballacademy.com wherever they are in the world from Asia to Africa, Australasia to the Americas and even Europe. Everyone can try the 321 coaching techniques and tips to improve their own and their teams football.

I have no ambition for commercial gain by sharing these principals with you all, so thank you in advance for sharing in my vision, this will be my legacy to the footballing world.

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